Attractive sites in Europe

Europe is among the continent with the most beautiful sceneries. Some of these attractive sites include;

Ksamil beach in Albania
What makes this beach attractive is due to the presence of three Idyllic Island in its bay area, turquoise water, and white sand.


Mir castle in Belarus
This castle is a historic site that was built in the 16th century using the Gothic Belarusian style. What makes the castle attractive is that its inside holds a lot of history, from the aristocratic origins of the castle up to its conversion during the Second World War to the Jewish ghetto.

Lagos de Tristaina in Andorra
The attractive sceneries are lakes on high mountains. What makes them attractive is there awesome view and freshwater. It’s also a perfect place for going hiking or a picnic.


Pliva waterfall in Bosnia
This waterfall originates from river Pliva which directs its waters to river Vrbas. The waterfall pours down on a 60 feet wall which makes the view to be more spectacular.

Seven Rila lakes in Bulgaria
These lakes are located in the Northwest of Bulgaria. They are found 8,200 feet above sea level. They have a beautiful view.


Plitvice lakes and Krka national park in Croatia
Plitvice waterfall is among the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. There is also the Krka National park which is also pretty scenic and one can also go swimming.


Aphrodite’s rock in Cyprus
According to Greek mythology, it’s believed that the rock marks the place where the goddess of love was born. It’s surrounded by churning water but swimming is discouraged because of the strong waves experienced.


Tallinn in Estonia
Tallinn is one of the preserved cities in Europe which is built of cobblestone streets. This city is a combination of both the modern and medieval, it consists of both the ancient turrets and the glass skyscrapers.


Finning Lakeland in Finland
This Lakeland was created as a result of continental glacial movement. The Lakeland consist of incredible rivers, islands, ponds, and streams which offer a scenic view.


Ushguli in Georgia
This is a village which is 7,190 feet above sea level and as a population of 200 people. The village is scenic because of one on one contact with mighty Caucasus Mountains view and is also good for horse riding or hiking at the Shkhara glacier.


Lake Balaton in Hungary
Lake Balaton is famous due to its blue-green water and it’s also the largest and shallowest lake in Europe. It’s ideal for swimming and it also as a magnificent view due to the presence of the farmhouses around it which are surrounded by thick woodland groves. Europe thus as numerous attractive sites and which will give you an adventurous experience.

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