Best Libraries to visit in Europe

Libraries are the best place to visit and a heaven for the book lovers and students from every corner around the world. Europe is jeweled with one of the finest and well-equipped libraries that you should visit during your trip to Europe. Here we are going to list down some of the most spectacular and outstanding libraries of Europe.

  1. Biblioteca Joanina, University of Coimbra, Portugal

The Biblioteca Joanina Library is one of the most striking hallmarks of the historical collection of 19th-century books built by Portugal’s imperial endeavors. The library contains marvelous and magnificent architecture is worth watching. The library is an exceptional piece of art and a marvel of architecture.

  1. Stuttgart City Library, Stuttgart, Germany

The Stuttgart City Library is considered one of the most fabulous libraries comprised of white colored cube shaped interior holding nine stories remarkable building. The location of the library beholds the future city center emerging out of this beautiful picture of magnificent architecture. This is a great place to visit for book lovers and if you are not into books, even then this is an outstanding place to look around and spend some quality time.

  1. Strahov Abbey Library, Strahov, Czech Republic

Whenever you plan to visit the Czech Republic, never miss this stunning and splendid library of Strahov. The Theological Hall of Strahov Abbey Library contains Rococo ceiling made to protect the library from the fire which was the huge matter of trouble for Renaissance and Medieval libraries. The library contains a large collection of books and also resides some of the rare first editions which were listed into Czech Memorial of National Literature in middle of the 20th century.


  1. The Library of El Escorial: San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Spain

The Library of El Escorial was inaugurated by King Philip II and the ground of El Escorial is the prior residence of all Spain kings. The library is ceiling is painted with intricate frescoes and comprised of dark wooden shelves give it a perfect royal look. The library is now listed as a heritage site and resides jewels of some original books.

  1. Clementinum National Library: Prague, Czech Republic

This bewitching library is named after Saint Clement, the library was a chapel at the beginning then turned to Jesuit college. The library is famous for its Baroque architecture, especially for its intricate ceiling. You will surely love to visit in its spacious courtyard containing ivy-covered fabulous walls.


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