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Best Museums in Europe

Europe is known to be the greatest place to explore for its historical museums. The museums of Europe offer great art pieces to discover and the fossils of the oldest creatures from the past. You can discover the most exquisite and splendid museums in England, London because of its great influence over the world in its past.


  1.   The British Museum


The British Museum is located in London which contains the history of humans and their culture. Its enduring collection, which contains about more than eight millions of artifacts, is known to be the greatest and highly complicated in its lifetime and contains the history of the whole world. The place offers great knowledge to them which order to seek the beginning of the humans and where they are now at present.


  1.   The Pompidou Museum


The Pompidou Museum is originally known as the Pompidou Centre but it is mostly for English Purposes. It is known as the fourth borough of Paris which offers great units in it. The Pompidou Centre is known to be the biggest and largest in size in Europe and it shows the origin of ancient music and its historical researches.


  1.   The Rijksmuseum


The Rijks Museum was inaugurated in the Hague in the year of 1800s, but after some time they moved it to Amsterdam and they just keep on moving it. Then it was finally located in 1885 and open to the public for just profitable reasons. But then the queen only donated 375 Euros to renovate it for her ten-year development plan. The museum is very popular and has a record of taking in more than two million visitors.




  1.   Prado Museum

The Prado Museum is originally known as the museum of art which has more than two thousand paintings since its publicizing. The place offers great knowledge for the artists and past sculptures which greatly can enhance interest in anyone seeking knowledge of the art. The Museum has so well grown that it gets fairly large donations and purchases than any museum.


  1.   Uffizi Gallery

The most complicated rather large museums with great work are Uffizi Gallery which is one of the most important museums in the world. The museum contains unique stuff from the beginning and late 1700s which is quite impressive. The museum contains every kind of artifacts like musical instruments, historical stuff and fossil fuels.

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Customs Celebrated Across Europe

wife carrying championshipEurope is home to beautiful places, great foods, and great people. Don’t you know that it is also home to weird customs and traditions? We mean it in a good way. We’d like to thank our sponsors at Vann Heating & Air for sponsoring this post and continuing to support world travel.  That being said, let us take a look at some of the known customs celebrated all over Europe.

Tomatina Festival

This festival is celebrated in Buñol, Spain. The festival is all about tomato fight and took place every last Wednesday of August. It is unsure as to how this festival started. Participants do it for fun.

Danube Cross Swimming

It is a festival celebrated in Romania. People swim in winter to celebrate Danube Race for the Cross as practiced by Orthodox. The priest throws a cross into the river and participants swim in the water to find the cross. Participants need to drink vodka so that they can stand the freezing cold water. The person who finds the cross is believed to have a life of luck.

Wife Carrying Championship

This is celebrated in Sonkajärvi, Finland. As the name suggests, men carry their wife/partner and race. There is a specific rule for carrying the wife. The couple should be the first to finish the race. The race is not easy to finish though as aside from carrying the wife/partner, there are obstacles along the way.

Whipping Monday

Now this is the weirdest of them all. The poor women of the Czech Republic are whipped with willow branches on Easter Monday. And what makes it even weirder is that women reward men for whipping them. They believed that this tradition ensures vitality and fertility.

Caga Tió

Caga Tió is a wooden log with a face painted on one end. It wears a traditional red hat. Children take good care of the log and feed them so that in return the Caga Tió will give them treats and rewards. On Christmas Eve, children will hit Caga Tió. They will sing render songs and a reward in the form of toys, chocolates, and candies will fall out of the log. This tradition is celebrated in Catalonia, Spain.

Blackening of the bride

This tradition is celebrated in Scotland. The bride is literally covered with disgusting things such as mud, spoiled milk, and sauces. The principle behind this tradition is that if the couple can withstand this kind of humiliation, they can certainly overcome any challenges that they may encounter as husband and wife.

Thorrablot Þorrablót

This tradition has something to do with foods. It is celebrated in Iceland. Every January, a feast of Thorri is celebrated in Iceland. It is called Þorrablót. People need to eat some of the disgusting foods such as sheep head, testicles, or fermented sharks. How it was celebrated in the past? No one knows. However, it is believed that eating disgusting foods signify strength.

Want to experience or witness these festivals first hand? Come to Europe and it will surely be a travel you won’t forget for the rest of your life.

Best Libraries to visit in Europe

Libraries are the best place to visit and a heaven for the book lovers and students from every corner around the world. Europe is jeweled with one of the finest and well-equipped libraries that you should visit during your trip to Europe. Here we are going to list down some of the most spectacular and outstanding libraries of Europe.

  1. Biblioteca Joanina, University of Coimbra, Portugal

The Biblioteca Joanina Library is one of the most striking hallmarks of the historical collection of 19th-century books built by Portugal’s imperial endeavors. The library contains marvelous and magnificent architecture is worth watching. The library is an exceptional piece of art and a marvel of architecture.

  1. Stuttgart City Library, Stuttgart, Germany

The Stuttgart City Library is considered one of the most fabulous libraries comprised of white colored cube shaped interior holding nine stories remarkable building. The location of the library beholds the future city center emerging out of this beautiful picture of magnificent architecture. This is a great place to visit for book lovers and if you are not into books, even then this is an outstanding place to look around and spend some quality time.

  1. Strahov Abbey Library, Strahov, Czech Republic

Whenever you plan to visit the Czech Republic, never miss this stunning and splendid library of Strahov. The Theological Hall of Strahov Abbey Library contains Rococo ceiling made to protect the library from the fire which was the huge matter of trouble for Renaissance and Medieval libraries. The library contains a large collection of books and also resides some of the rare first editions which were listed into Czech Memorial of National Literature in middle of the 20th century.


  1. The Library of El Escorial: San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Spain

The Library of El Escorial was inaugurated by King Philip II and the ground of El Escorial is the prior residence of all Spain kings. The library is ceiling is painted with intricate frescoes and comprised of dark wooden shelves give it a perfect royal look. The library is now listed as a heritage site and resides jewels of some original books.

  1. Clementinum National Library: Prague, Czech Republic

This bewitching library is named after Saint Clement, the library was a chapel at the beginning then turned to Jesuit college. The library is famous for its Baroque architecture, especially for its intricate ceiling. You will surely love to visit in its spacious courtyard containing ivy-covered fabulous walls.


Attractive sites in Europe

Europe is among the continent with the most beautiful sceneries. Some of these attractive sites include;

Ksamil beach in Albania
What makes this beach attractive is due to the presence of three Idyllic Island in its bay area, turquoise water, and white sand.


Mir castle in Belarus
This castle is a historic site that was built in the 16th century using the Gothic Belarusian style. What makes the castle attractive is that its inside holds a lot of history, from the aristocratic origins of the castle up to its conversion during the Second World War to the Jewish ghetto.

Lagos de Tristaina in Andorra
The attractive sceneries are lakes on high mountains. What makes them attractive is there awesome view and freshwater. It’s also a perfect place for going hiking or a picnic.


Pliva waterfall in Bosnia
This waterfall originates from river Pliva which directs its waters to river Vrbas. The waterfall pours down on a 60 feet wall which makes the view to be more spectacular.

Seven Rila lakes in Bulgaria
These lakes are located in the Northwest of Bulgaria. They are found 8,200 feet above sea level. They have a beautiful view.


Plitvice lakes and Krka national park in Croatia
Plitvice waterfall is among the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. There is also the Krka National park which is also pretty scenic and one can also go swimming.


Aphrodite’s rock in Cyprus
According to Greek mythology, it’s believed that the rock marks the place where the goddess of love was born. It’s surrounded by churning water but swimming is discouraged because of the strong waves experienced.


Tallinn in Estonia
Tallinn is one of the preserved cities in Europe which is built of cobblestone streets. This city is a combination of both the modern and medieval, it consists of both the ancient turrets and the glass skyscrapers.


Finning Lakeland in Finland
This Lakeland was created as a result of continental glacial movement. The Lakeland consist of incredible rivers, islands, ponds, and streams which offer a scenic view.


Ushguli in Georgia
This is a village which is 7,190 feet above sea level and as a population of 200 people. The village is scenic because of one on one contact with mighty Caucasus Mountains view and is also good for horse riding or hiking at the Shkhara glacier.


Lake Balaton in Hungary
Lake Balaton is famous due to its blue-green water and it’s also the largest and shallowest lake in Europe. It’s ideal for swimming and it also as a magnificent view due to the presence of the farmhouses around it which are surrounded by thick woodland groves. Europe thus as numerous attractive sites and which will give you an adventurous experience.

Travel Guide to Greece

Old hot permed disintegration penetrates the sky as the relations develop to the everlasting bay. The civilizations of Greek are lively today filled with courageous culture, music, and stimulations attractive tasks.


Athens is known to be the most glorious city in Greece. There are many travel guides for Athens but some are really not related or any familiar to the topic. The travel guide must include breathing taking sights and the social areas that can be an interactive attraction for its tourists. There must be many topics in the guide that can provide the tourists with some ease into their trip. It is recommended that you should buy or print any of these posts or articles related to these objects that are found to be very helpful to the tourists. Travel trips provide you useful guides that are known to be very obliging to the tourists.


If you ever make some travel trips to Greece you must know that the area contains any social interactions. A person having guide’s knowledge is well known to be professional in his trips alone. The most valued area to the tourists is the small breathtaking islands of Greece which are the heart of this travel destination.


A person must have an idea on which island to travel in Greece. Mykonos is known to be the most valued island of Greece and is of great significance to the travel guides and the tourist attractions. Santorini is also an important travel destination in Greece. If you ever thought that only these are important tourists attraction then you are really left behind and have a lot to discover in Greece which can turn out to be really enjoyable for you.

Travel Agents

The reason for having your own travel agents is because it makes your trip to Greece a very obliging experience for you and your trip. The hard work of taking a hostel spot and any other confusing tasks can be easily taken care of by your traveling agents. However, nowadays every hostel or inns in Greece have their own private websites which make the booking incredibly easy for you. The hostels are in a large in Greece and can be found and booked easily via the internet. These tasks are carried out by the travel agents but if you are experienced enough then you may handle it by yourself.


Travel Guide to Sweden

The country of Sweden is inhabited by more than ten million people, it is not a big country but the environment there is lovely. Sweden is included in one of the most liked countries in the world. There are many historical features in this country and the inhabitants have conserved it gloriously. The country is expensive to travel but it is will also be worth to travel this place once in a lifetime. The country is filled with its ancient traditions, historical feature, old landmarks, and landscapes.


Housing in Sweden can be expensive. A one man room in a hotel starts from two-fifty SEK. If you want to rent two people private room the cost doubles up to six hundred SEK. However, you can rent cheaply on a wild camp. The wild camps are almost very cheap in Sweden. You will have the allowance to house anywhere you want.


Food can either be cheap or expensive in Sweden. If you want to eat it simple roadside food that is cheap will cost you fifty SEK but making a visit to a restaurant can be expensive if you buy unique dishes. The hot dogs of the outdoor street food are really known to be delicious and only coast about for twenty-five SEK. If you ever buy groceries in Sweden you must know that cheese is very expensive in the grocery stores.


The transportation of trains in Sweden at an average cost of about six hundred and ten SEK but if you want to travel cheaper than you can buy tickets as low as two hundred SEK. Buses can be really cheap in Sweden and only costs eighty SEK per month but the luxury buses can cost up to two hundred SEK per month. If you are traveling to Sweden everyone must have told you to make a trip to Gotland, the transportation to this place from the nearest bus located costs about two –fifty-eight SEK.


There are many fun and exciting things to do in Sweden like making a trip to the Museum or any other attractive places for tourists. Every capital of Sweden contains Museums and can cost about eighty SEK. The area for a family picnic is Green Space which is recommended by most of the travelers. Scandinavian activities like Jogging and hiking are very popular throughout the whole country and loved by everyone.  

Things To Do During Your First Trip To Lucerne

There is absolutely no doubt about it – Switzerland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It is also one of the cleanest places that you can visit today. When it comes to Lucerne, it is a beautiful town located in Switzerland, and pretty much looks like it came straight out of a fairytale.

Lucerne is a beautiful town that has a whole lot of interesting places to visit, as well as a whole lot of fun things to do. The streets of Lucerne are very clean, and the main reason why they are so clean is because the locals are very nice people, and most of them put the trash where it belongs – in a garbage can. Also, the law in Lucerne – and the rest of Switzerland for that matter – is very strong, which means that throwing your trash around could get you in a lot of trouble.

If you love adventure and would like to fully explore Lucerne, one day is just not enough. With this in mind, you need to spend at least two or three days in Lucerne in order to familiarize yourself with its history and main attractions. That being said, if you are planning your first-ever visit to this beautiful town, but don’t know where to go or what to do once you get there, we are more than willing to help you. Here are some of the most interesting things that you can do in Lucerne!

Visit Lake Lucerne

When it comes to Lake Lucerne, it is not like any other lake in the world. There is just something special about it. If this is your first-ever visit to Lucerne, you might think that Lake Lucerne is not even a lake, but something much bigger. However, it is a lake, and it offers some stunning views. So, make sure to visit Lake Lucerne as soon as possible.

Explore the Lucerne Rathaus

Are you one of those people who like to explore historic places? If you are, the Lucerne Rathaus is like made for you. Lucerne Rathaus is actually the Lucerne Town Hall, and as far as its architecture is concerned, it is one of the most beautiful buildings not just in Lucerne, but the rest of Switzerland as well.

Walk Around the Streets of Lucerne

Just walking around the streets of this beautiful town is always a fun experience. The reason why is because the streets of Lucerne are very clean, and there is something interesting to see around almost every corner. With that said, take your time and explore Lucerne as much as possible during your visit.

Many people have moved to Switzerland with the help of Good Green Moving.  Whether you’re visiting to explore, or looking for a place to call home, Lucerne is a beautiful place that attracts people from all over the world.

Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Visit Europe This Year

You speak English, right? If you do, and you probably do since you are reading this right now, we are more than happy to let you know that English is spoken in pretty much every European country that there is. This is great news for anyone who speaks English because what this means is that the language barrier will not be a problem at all – since there is not going to be any language barriers whatsoever. Even when it comes to very patriotic countries such as France, language would not be a problem, because English is always an option.

English Is Spoken in the Majority of Europe

Although English is a widely spoken language, it is always nice to greet people in their native language. So, take some time to learn how to say ”Hello!” in different languages, and people will love you even more. This simple act of politeness will show people that you care about their countries and cultures, and it will also show them that you don’t take English for granted. And just in case you stumble upon somebody who doesn’t speak English, don’t panic, because they will probably know a few words and will be able to help you at least a little bit. This is because in Europe, everyone learns English from a young age in school.

Traveling in Europe Is Pretty Safe

Have you ever heard people talking about crime in Europe? If you have, you shouldn’t be too worried, because they were probably talking about smaller crimes such as pick-pocketing. One thing that is so good about Europe is the fact that you can walk around pretty much every historic city without having to worry about whether or not someone is going to shoot you or something like that. Now, don’t get us wrong, but stuff like that happens in pretty much every country in the world. However, when it comes to Europe, the chances of something like that happening are pretty low.

Borderless Freedom

Another thing that makes Europe so good is the fact that it is borderless. Maybe you think that it would be pretty fun to get many stamps for your passport, it is actually much more fun to not have to wait in line just to get into another country. That is usually a long process, and it tends to make people frustrated. That being said, welcome to United States of Europe – if we can call it that! See what we did there? Of course you do, don’t you?