Travel Guide to Sweden

The country of Sweden is inhabited by more than ten million people, it is not a big country but the environment there is lovely. Sweden is included in one of the most liked countries in the world. There are many historical features in this country and the inhabitants have conserved it gloriously. The country is expensive to travel but it is will also be worth to travel this place once in a lifetime. The country is filled with its ancient traditions, historical feature, old landmarks, and landscapes.


Housing in Sweden can be expensive. A one man room in a hotel starts from two-fifty SEK. If you want to rent two people private room the cost doubles up to six hundred SEK. However, you can rent cheaply on a wild camp. The wild camps are almost very cheap in Sweden. You will have the allowance to house anywhere you want.


Food can either be cheap or expensive in Sweden. If you want to eat it simple roadside food that is cheap will cost you fifty SEK but making a visit to a restaurant can be expensive if you buy unique dishes. The hot dogs of the outdoor street food are really known to be delicious and only coast about for twenty-five SEK. If you ever buy groceries in Sweden you must know that cheese is very expensive in the grocery stores.


The transportation of trains in Sweden at an average cost of about six hundred and ten SEK but if you want to travel cheaper than you can buy tickets as low as two hundred SEK. Buses can be really cheap in Sweden and only costs eighty SEK per month but the luxury buses can cost up to two hundred SEK per month. If you are traveling to Sweden everyone must have told you to make a trip to Gotland, the transportation to this place from the nearest bus located costs about two –fifty-eight SEK.


There are many fun and exciting things to do in Sweden like making a trip to the Museum or any other attractive places for tourists. Every capital of Sweden contains Museums and can cost about eighty SEK. The area for a family picnic is Green Space which is recommended by most of the travelers. Scandinavian activities like Jogging and hiking are very popular throughout the whole country and loved by everyone.  

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